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There are 3 ways you can give up your nationality and become free from your country borders forever. Ensure that you comment below, I would like to hear what you think about these tips and listen to your views.

1. Become so Good at What you Do

Becoming an expert in your industry opens country borders to you, it makes you become welcome all around the world. In this economy knowledge and expertise are in high demand. If you can become one of the top 1% of people in your industry, you will be welcome anywhere. In fact, famous countries will welcome you and want to give you their citizenship.

2. Build an International Business

If you can create and build an international business with branches in several countries, as a CEO of that company you are free to work and live in any country you open a branch in. You should select wisely which countries you open branches in if you go this route.

Also if you become the CEO of your company that imports or exports products from or to the world, then you will be able to create some arrangement with your suppliers, or distribution channels to go to one of these countries and run your operations from there.

3. Become a Millionaire

If you managed to generate enough income from your career/business/investments, and you were able to become a millionaire, then you probably can buy investments in countries that allow you to live there.

In conclusion, I think anyone can give up their nationality and become free of boundaries – all you have to do is follow one of the above strategies to live happily ever after.

Share your thoughts below. I will personally answer any question you post.

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